Data Division Announcements

SHPDA has revised its policy on requests for information.  Please use our new request form.

Latest Available Data Releases

Data Released   Updated Date
Hospital FY2008   06/18/2013
Nursing Home FY2009   06/18/2013
Home Health FY2009   06/18/2013
Patient Origin Survey January 2011   06/18/2013
Patient Origin Survey April 2011   06/18/2013

Data for prior years is also available.  For information on report or dataset availability and pricing, please use our Ordering and Pricing Information page.


Report Form Availability

Reporting Tools Available Updated Date
Hospital Annual Report FY2012   06/18/2013
Home Health Annual Report FY2012   06/18/2013
ASC Annual Report FY2012   06/18/2013
SCALF Annual Report FY2013   06/18/2013
Nursing Home Annual Report FY2013   06/18/2013
Patient Origin Survey    

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